Re: which Distro does your company use ?

From: Shaul Karl (
Date: Tue 14 Sep 2004 - 01:00:53 IDT

On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 08:32:48PM +0100, Gil Freund wrote:
> We get a lot of requests for RedHat support in the industry and
> Mandrake in the academic side. The main rational is compatibility with
> commercial Linux software. We see more and more Fedora's replacing
> RedHat machines, due to costs.
> We deploy Debian when ever we can.
> There is quite a large number of Suns out there, and little reliable
> support for it. In biotech and academia you will also find quite a few
> Irix's.

  Was that supposed to be private? In particular, who are `we'?

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