Re: [kde-il] Re: translate terms

From: Meni Livne (
Date: Thu 23 Jan 2003 - 17:46:55 IST

On Thursday 23 January 2003 17:37, Ben Sandler wrote:
> Is there any application-independant list of commonly accepted Hebrew
> translations of computer words? I was recently trying to translate for a
> small web app, and had to grep through KDE files to find various words.
> If one doesn't exist, maybe we should start one?

We do have a small glossary at

The problem is that it's simple and static. I always wanted to have a
collaborative glossary system that all Hebrew open source software
translation projects will use, thus enabling us to achieve consistency
accross the different environments. Something like a combination between the
QaMoose ( ) and wiki ( ), i.e. a web-based glossary that would allow users to
add their comments to terms and discuss them. But alas, I never had the time
or knowledge to do this.


Meni Livne <>
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