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From: Tzafrir Cohen (
Date: Mon 04 Jul 2005 - 15:08:36 IDT

On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 01:52:51PM +0300, Eran Tromer wrote:

> Internally, we can shorten the title to "ספק מוקר". :-)


> The envisioned benefits are multiple. First, Hamakor can wave around a
> list of companies to prove custom FOSS is viable, and potential
> customers can use that list. Second, commercial FOSS developers get some
> marketing advantage (and some developers may be tempted to the FOSS side
> by this promise), which is in line with Hamakor's agenda. Third, Hamakor
> gets free advertising by those developers when they use the title or logo.
> As for the criteria for the merit-based certification: it can be either
> general involvement in FOSS (i.e., similar to Hamakor membership
> criteria), or actually performing and publishing non-negligible amounts
> of hard-core FOSS work (coding, patching, QA). The former covers
> Hamakor's agenda more comprehensively, but the latter is more in-line
> with what customers look for and thus makes the title more meaningful
> for them; it may also be safer legally, since it's more easily proven in
> case some customer gets the silly idea of suing Hamakor when his
> contract goes awry. So I think the latter is better. Because of the
> same legal concern, and also to keep things straight, certification
> should require proof, such as patches or Bugzilla entries, which will be
> archived (and maybe made public?). The certificate should be awarded for
> a time-limited duration of (say) 2 years, and re-examined afterwards.
> Alternatively (or in addition) it could be made withdrawable, with the
> company legally committing to stop using it within (say) 3 months of
> withdrawal, Then, there's the issue of who decides the certification.
> One option, which I'd be quite happy with, is to let the Vaad appoint a
> 5-person panel of "expert judges" who will vote on each candidate
> (excluding from the vote those that have interests in that specific
> candidate). This is simple, quite safe from abuse given the stakes and
> the people involved, and maintains a respectable image.
> Opinions? Bulldozers?

I'm not sure that this is the job of Hamakor to do that. I'm not exactly
sure the board or whoever will be responsible will actually disqualify
some providers.

Omer mentioned wiki as a potential medium to allow everybody to give
their opinions about the providers. Another thought: eBay has a rating
mechanism to allow buyers to rate the sellers.

But then again, is there anything actually being used? Debian has its
consultants list:
According to it it seems that the list is updated manually by a central
body that tries to verify the information. The page mentions a current
backlog of 130 entries.

PostgreSQL seems to have something similar on a smaller scale:

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